Unforgettable Events Centered on Connection

using the Language of Tango

Seek connection and your path will lay itself down at your feet.

You could walk down the path, but while we’re here, we should dance! -Sarah Jacob

Connection gives purpose and meaning to life.

Tangolia - What We Do

What We Do

We light audiences up to the importance of connection through entertaining, interesting experiences. This is totally unique, a complete departure from any corporate event you’ve known. In every truly powerful organization, the work begins and ends with connection.

Tangolia - How it Works

How We Do It

Two Ways: Keynotes and Workshops. Both are interactive, engaging, and bring a dynamic energy to any event. Keynotes feature tango demonstration throughout. Workshops get people moving and connecting with each other and the music. There will be laughter. There will be music. Barriers come down.

Tangolia - Contact Us

Contact Us

Our mantra: “Stay open. Choose to connect.”

We don’t bite. And if we kick it’s only to demonstrate a point. (A kick in tango is called a voleo, from the spanish verb volar meaning “to fly”). Anyway, call us. Let’s plan something.


Overheard from Blair Glaser

Blair Glaser,  Leadership / Authority Mentor at www.Blairglaser.com

Sarah Jacob is a force. To watch her speak, is to be infused with wisdom and lighthearted energy. Watch her dance — and you bear witness to the possibilities of what it means to be alive, inspired, embodied and in your authority — while being wholly and sublimely connected to another. I would take any opportunity to dance with her.

Overheard from Theresa Widmann

Theresa Widmann,  Festival Director at O+ Festival

We’re were overjoyed to have “Tango and The Art of Connection” as a part of the 2014 O+ Festival. Not only has Sarah’s workshop helped us to connect with one another, it has encouraged us to slow down and become closer to ourselves. This beautiful synergy between dance and healing brought a new and exciting element to our Festival which opened our eyes and the eyes of many to the possibilities that exist when we take the time to let go and connect with one another. Sarah is a master in her craft and an amazing teacher. We look forward to continued collaboration and more Tango!

Overheard from Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis,  CEO & Founder at Tracking Wonder

I’m not a dancer, but I like to dance. I’m not a “connector,” but I like to connect. Sarah Jacob’s Tangolia workshop gave me a delightful, safe, and informative way to connect with other people and myself – while also learning about the spirit & art of tango and flow.

Overheard from Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds,  LCSW, RDT/BCT at The Institute for Developmental Transformations, NYC

As therapists who practice an embodied, improvisational form of drama therapy, we found a kindred spirit in Sara Jacob. We invited her to present her unique blend of dance, positive psychology, and passion to our postgraduate training program and we could not have been happier with her ability to get our trainees on their feet and moving with each other in new ways within moments. Music, laughter, human contact, an exploration of partnership – Sarah uses the philosophy and experience of tango to illuminate the ways people relate on the dance floor, as well as in therapy. Sarah left us all with a refreshing new perspective on our own work and how we connect to ourselves, our clients, and our communities.

Overheard from Scott_Tillitt

Scott Tillitt,  CEO & Founder at Antidote Collective

I met Sarah at a Re>Think Local event with one of my TEDxLongDock co-organizers. As she shared her story, we felt her inspired energy, looked at each other and offering her a speaking slot on the spot. A fateful, rash — and wise — decision, because she rocked the talk and added texture and color to the already rich tapestry.

Overheard from Scott_Tillitt

Brent Chaim Spodek, Rabbi at Beacon Hebrew Alliance

Sarah Jacob talking about tango is truly a spiritual experience. Her interpretation of structure and inspiration, and the importance of human connection is a beautiful thing to be part of. I am so honored to have had her teach in my community.

Event organizers, please contact us to add a unique and inspirational experience for your group or organization.